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Our Firm

OmniVita Custom Wealth Management is a boutique wealth management firm that caters to individuals, their businesses and their families. OmniVita, meaning "all life", offers truly integrated, custom wealth management service, that recognizes each client has their own unique set of needs, goals and family structure.

OmniVita believes that creating the life you desire takes time, dedication, education and ongoing support. With a commitment to meaningful relationships and a culture of caring, OmniVita provides guidance when important life and financial decisions arise.

Our Philosophy

The term "Custom Wealth Management" describes the all-inclusive, superior level of service that clients are provided with at OmniVita. The scope of services offered at our firm extends beyond typical wealth management firm offerings, and OmniVita clients are given the opportunity to express what they need from us in all aspects of their life.

This philosophy stems from OmniVita’s "blank page" approach to wealth management, which is the belief that our clients should advise us on what they need, whatever that may be, and we aim to meet those needs with solutions.

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